The unique and high quality Ozonized Oil for your cosmetic and pharmaceutical products*

Made using a protected* and GMP certified biotechnological process

* Possible application that must be confirmed in research and authorization studies after the corresponding phases of safety and efficacy studies.

* Patent Pending.

Our raw material PeroxiBiokey®: oil peroxidized with ozone

PeroxiBioKey® is an ingredient that is obtained through the controlled diffusion of filtered ozone gas on vegetable oils and fats.

As a result of this biotechnological process, we obtain high-quality, stable peroxidized oils, with a greater presence and potency of organic molecules, and whose antiseptic, healing, regenerating or antioxidant properties can be tailored depending on the application, use or the end products to develop by our clients.*

In addition to being experts in ozonated oils, in KeyBiological S.L., we are certified as Good Manufacturing Practices for the cosmetic industry (GMP) and we can help you with the design or development of specific products.

*Through open lines of research, pharmaceutical applications are being confirmed to design and further develop authorization by the authorities, following the applicable legislation in each field of application.


INNOVATION: Potential Applications*

PeroxiBiokey is in the research phase in:

* Possible application that must be confirmed in research and authorization studies after the corresponding phases of safety and efficacy studies.

The PeroxiBiokey® process

Our biotechnological process of hyperoxidation with ozone in vegetable oils, such as olive oil - Olea europaea - or sunflower oil - Helianthus annuus - among others, allows us to obtain an ingredient in the form of peroxidized oil, also called ozone oil or ozonated oil.

Our ingredient is obtained through a Biotechnological process, after the controlled diffusion of filtered ozone gas on top quality oils. We do it in a controlled environment of temperature (9ºC that guarantees the integrity of the oil), pressure, relative humidity and diffusion rate.

In addition, thanks to our combination of technique and processing, we have achieved a raw material with a greater presence and potency of molecules that we can adapt to the specific needs of the market and to the production on demand of custom peroxidized oils for the development of different products.

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Pet care products

Beauty products

Therapeutic Products*

Personal hygiene products

Veterinary Products

Surface disinfection*

* Possible application that must be confirmed in research and authorization studies after the corresponding phases of safety and efficacy studies.


Production, Sales, Partnerships and Collaborations

We provide solutions and advise third-party manufacturing laboratories, brand pharmaceutical laboratories, biotech companies and distribution companies on the development and commercialization of products that use our exclusive ozonated vegetable raw material.

Production and Sales

Tell us what you want to produce with our PeroxiBiokey raw material and we will advise you on the characteristics of the product that best suits your needs, such as peroxidation rates and volume. In addition, we will provide you the information related to the product: technical sheet, prices and shipping conditions, among others.


We are experts in the design and production of ozone peroxidized oils, with the ability to adapt our raw materials and services to the needs of your company, product or business, including adviceincompliance with different national and international regulations.


We are interested in actively participating in collaborative and research developments at an industrial or academic level. Contact us if you consider that our certified ozonized oil can be part of your project or study.
Made in Spain

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KeyBiological S.L. PeroxiBiokey® Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers

We are a biotechnology company dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of ozonated oils and natural cosmetics, based in Galicia, Spain.

We are specialized in the production of ozone peroxidized oils (ozone oils) and we are leaders in the distribution and marketing of ozone therapy products.

In addition to the use of certified raw materials in the products we develop, we are certified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetic Products and registered in division A of the Industrial Registry of Galicia - Agrarian Industries.

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